Thing to do in Padang Indonesia

Padang City Indonesia (1)

The West Sumatra Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in West Sumatra located on Khatib Sulaiman Street, North Padang. Starting with the groundbreaking on December 21, 2007, construction was completed on January 4, 2019.

Mosque construction consists of three floors. The main room used as a prayer room is located on the top floor, has a terrace that slopes to the street. The square-shaped mosque plans taper at its four corners, reminiscent of the shape of a stretch of cloth when the four tribes of the Quraysh tribe in Mecca shared the honor of moving the stone of the Black Stone. The shape of the taper angle at the same time represents the roof girdled in the traditional Minangkabau house Rumah Gadang.

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