Thing to do in Padang Indonesia

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Air Manis Beach is a beautiful long panoramic beach about 10 km to the South of the center of Padang City full of local tourists, small café and tourists attractions, where you can enjoy cup of coffee, fresh coconut and simple food. You can take nice decorated beca and driving along the beach, price 5000Rp per person or rent quad bikes, price 60000Rp.

Moreover, Air Manis is only place which is easy to reach for surfing. Beside playing in the water and swimming, visitors can rent a boat to visit Pisang Kecil and Pisang Besar Islands which are located some 500 meters from the beach.

The access road leading to the Air Manis location is very good and becomes a public transport route, so that whenever tourists want to visit there is no need to worry for transportation problems.

However there are two entrances, one is closer to Padang and handling by government, cost 10000Rp per person, another one is handling by local people and cost 5000Rp per person.

Air Manis Beach is also closely related to the legend of Malin Kundang. According of legend Malin Kundang was condemned by her mother because he was ungodly and did not want to acknowledge her poor mother. The coast of Air Manis Beach was carried away by anger, the mother also cast a curse, so that at that moment Malin Kundang along with all the assets he brought turned into stone. That said, the stones with a shape resembling humans and valuable objects that until now lay on Air Manis Beach is the incarnation of Malin Kundang.

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