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Padang City Indonesia (1)

Padang is a business and commercial center of West Sumatra and usually travelers use this place as a transit point on the way to nearby islands, on Mentawai or before heading to the airport stay in only one night. So let’s we check is it worth to stay longer.

Padang Harbor or Pelabuhan Muaro is the oldest port in the city of Padang. Harbor is within walking distance of the Padang promenade and Chinatown. This port functions as an inter-island gate, especially to the Mentawai Islands, Sikuai Island and its surroundings. Padang Harbor is a part of the cultural heritage of Padang Old Town.

Padang harbor has been used since the 17th century, along with the arrival of the Dutch in the city of Padang from the Batang Aarau River at the port of Muara. There are still many buildings found in the Dutch colonial style era. Some buildings already are renovated, others still are being restored.

Harbor promenade is quite long, it passes Chinatown and almost rests on the Sitti Nurbaya Bridge.

You can explore Chinatown starting from Jalan Hiligoo, Jalan Pondok and Jalan Niaga, along the way you will find old houses belonging to Chinese descendants that were built at the beginning of the last century.

Generally, the house in the form of a shop is used by them to trade. Not only selling daily necessities, electronics, medicines, stationery, but they also sell Minang special foods such as balado chips and various other souvenirs.

This area also has an old temple and a temple that was recently restored, one of which is the Shie Hin Kiong temple. This classic temple was built in the 19th century and functioned as a place of worship for Chinese people who came to Indonesia to trade. This temple is still well preserved and still functioned as a place of worship.

The area is also a favorite of Chinese people and many tourists feel like being in Hong Kong when taking pictures in the pagoda area. You will enjoy the distinctive architecture of Chinese culture. There are several buildings that stand majestically with large gates and golden lion statues.

Sitti Nurbaya Bridge was started to built in 1995 and in 2002 was inaugurated.

The Bridge stretches along 156 meters above the Batang Arau river, Padang City and connects the city center with Seberang Padang. From the bridge overlooks to Padang Harbor.

The name of the bridge was given by the name of a television drama “Sitti Nurbaya”.

“Sitti Nurbaya” tells the story of two teenage lovers, Samsulbahri and Sitti Nurbaya, who wish to be together but are separated after Samsulbahri is forced to go to Batavia. Not long afterwards, Nurbaya unhappily offers herself to marry the abusive and rich Datuk Meringgih as a way for her father to escape debt. Later she was killed by Meringgih who gave her poisoned lemang ( glutinous rice and coconut).

Such a story of love has made this story compared to “Romeo and Juliet”. The Siti Nurbaya Bridge in Padang is a common place where lovers come to visit.

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